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This appeal stems from a settlement agreement involving a patent infringement dispute between ACI Worldwide and JBTS. On appeal, ACI Worldwide challenged the district court's denial of its motion for partial summary judgment and grant of partial summary judgment to JBTS. The court concluded that even if case 231, standing alone, no longer arose under U.S. patent law after the district court deemed ACI Worldwide’s non-infringement and invalidity claims merged into case 245, the Federal Circuit still has exclusive appellate jurisdiction of this entire consolidated case composed in large part of federal patent claims. Although the court could transfer this case to the Federal Circuit, the court concluded that transfer is unnecessary because an appeal raising the same issues is already pending in the Federal Circuit. Accordingly, the court dismissed the case without prejudice for lack of appellate jurisdiction. View "Online Resources Corp. v. Joao Bock Transaction Sys." on Justia Law