TEK Global, S.R.L. v. Sealant Systems International, Inc.

SSI is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM): a manufacturer who resells another company’s products under its own name and branding. TEK sells tire repair kits to various OEMs and owns the 110 patent, which is directed to an emergency kit for repairing vehicle tires deflated by a puncture. When TEK filed the 110 patent, a common way to handle a flat tire was to simply replace it with a spare tire. Because the repair kit disclosed in the patent comprises a small compressor and a container of sealing liquid to mend the hole, it is intended to serve as a smaller, lighter, and less complicated alternative to conventional spare tires. TEK sued SSI for infringement. Following a remand, the district court found several claims infringed and not invalid, awarded $2,525,482 in lost profits and $255,388 in the form of a reasonable royalty for infringing sales for which TEK did not prove its entitlement to lost profits, and granted TEK a permanent injunction. The Federal Circuit vacated in part. The district court improperly restricted SSI’s efforts to present the jury with relevant evidence of invalidity. With respect to the other issues, the Federal Circuit affirmed, “if the patent is found to be not invalid on remand.” View "TEK Global, S.R.L. v. Sealant Systems International, Inc." on Justia Law