Arctic Cat Inc. v. GEP Power Products, Inc.

Arctic’s patents, both titled “Power Distribution Module for Personal Recreational Vehicle,” describe an assertedly inventive electrical-connection box having an array of receptacle openings that allow wires to be arranged and secured in various positions for distributing power to various electrical components, including components of a personal recreational vehicle. GEP petitioned the Patent Trial and Appeal Board for inter partes reviews of all claims of both patents under 35 U.S.C. 102 and 103. The Board determined that all claims of the patents are unpatentable. The Federal Circuit affirmed as to the 822 patent but reversed in part as to the 188 patent. The Board did not abuse its discretion in rejecting the deposition-transcript submission and correctly held preamble references to a vehicle in the claims at issue not to be limiting. The Board improperly determined that Boyd was prior art; the inventions antedated Boyd. View "Arctic Cat Inc. v. GEP Power Products, Inc." on Justia Law