Elcommerce.com, Inc. v. SAP AG & SAP Am., Inc.

Elcommerce.com owns a patent directed to a system and method of monitoring a supply chain of components to coordinate and stabilize the supply of components from various producers. Elcommerce charged SAP with patent infringement. SAP counterclaimed that the patent was invalid, unenforceable, and not infringed. The district court construed claims and entered summary judgment that certain asserted system claims were invalid for indefiniteness under 35 U.S.C. 112. The parties stipulated that the claim construction precluded finding that SAP infringes any of the asserted method claims. The Federal Circuit affirmed construction of the claim terms “independent supply chain sites,” “scanning for,” “detecting,” and “monitoring for changed supply-related data information,” and the resulting stipulation of non-infringement of the method claims. The court vacated the ruling of invalidity of the system claims as based on an incorrect evidentiary premise. SAP incorrectly informed the court that Federal Circuit precedent makes consideration of evidence of the knowledge and understanding of the relevant technology by persons of skill in the field of the invention unnecessary and declined to provide evidence of how such persons would view the description of “structure, materials, or acts” in the specification for performance of the several functions claimed. Invalidity must be proven by clear and convincing evidence . View "Elcommerce.com, Inc. v. SAP AG & SAP Am., Inc." on Justia Law