Lighting Ballast Control, LLC v. Philips Elec. N. Am. Corp.

The Federal Circuit previously held that patent claim construction receives de novo determination on appeal. Such review is conducted on the administrative record and any additional information in the record of the district court, and is without deference to the ruling of the district court. The court had applied that standard to this case and, reversing the district court, held that the claim term “voltage source means” is a means-plus-function term requiring corresponding structure in the specification. The court held the claims invalid for indefiniteness. After granting rehearing, en banc, the Federal Circuit applied the principles of stare decisis, and confirmed the Cybor standard of de novo review. The court stated that after 15 years of experience with Cybor, it concluded that it should retain plenary review of claim construction, to provide national uniformity, consistency, and finality to the meaning and scope of patent claims. View "Lighting Ballast Control, LLC v. Philips Elec. N. Am. Corp." on Justia Law